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.:lunA App:. Sorin Faust by Drans-Sideburns .:lunA App:. Sorin Faust by Drans-Sideburns
:new: added some relationships ohooho 
:new: I just realized sorin is 16, not 17. My bad.

Bullet; Blue [ N A M E ]
 Sorin Faust
Bullet; Blue [ A G E ]


Bullet; Blue [ G E N D E R ]  


Bullet; Blue [ S P E C I E S ]
Bullet; Blue[ P E R S O N A L I T Y] 
Shy | Book smart | Insecure | A HUGE daydreamer| Affection | Glass half full |  Cowardly Secretive 
Sorin is first and foremost book smart, but not street smart in the slightest. He's considerably shy, to the point that he speaks with a stutter most of the time. Despite his shy nature, he's quite generous and enjoys giving people gifts, and doing favors for them. He often won't realize he's being taken advantage of, and will go to the ends of the earth to make someone happy. Once he has warmed up to a person, he'll be extremely affectionate and touch-ey feel-y. he ALWAYS looks on the bright side, and when someone has earned his loyalty they'll have earned it together.
Despite becoming very affectionate, it'd take ALOT for Sorin to mention his past, or even mention personal information about himself. Sorin is a bit of  a day dreamer and dreams of going on adventures and exploring the world around him.

Bullet; Blue [ L I K E S ] (min 4)
+ Building/ creating things, hammers and other tools, gardens, flowers, nature, animals, hugs, lame jokes. 

Bullet; Blue [ D I S L I K E S ] (min 4)

Fire, people yelling, his scars/burn  marks, loud noises in general, being forced to show skin, mistreatment of animals. 

Bullet; Blue [ H E I G H T ]

6'6 ft/ 198 cm

Bullet; Blue [ W E I G H T ]
182 lbs/ 82 KG
Bullet; Blue [ C L A S S ] 

Bullet; Blue [ B I O ] 
Sorin Faust was born into a large family, consisting of seven  sisters and two brothers. He was well loved and appreciated by his family. His father was the town blacksmith, and Sorin, as the oldest of his siblings, was his apprentice. Sorin was a good young blacksmith, and succeeded greatly in the craft.  Unfortunately, when Sorin was merely  nine years old, his house caught on fire. Sorin's parents, who were in the basement at the time, didn't live. Leaving the remaining siblings who had survived the fire orphans. Sorin himself was in the fire as it burned, and shielded himself and his younger brother from the flames, which caused the burn scars going up and down his side. 
    While all of Sorin's siblings went into a sort of foster care, Sorin himself ran away with his younger brother (the same one he had shielded from the flames,) in order to take care of each other. His brother was two years younger than Sorin, thus making Sorin in charge of collecting money. This is when Sorin's blacksmith skills would come in handy, and he found a well known blacksmith in town to apprentice under. However, this blacksmith would turn out to be cruel with Sorin and extremely abusive, often whipping Sorin for small mistakes. Despite this, Sorin stayed for years with the blacksmith, because all he knew how to do was blacksmith. When Sorin was the age of fifteen, however, his brother understood finally what Sorin's master was doing to him. Feeling terrible for what he had forced Sorin to do, he left Sorin in the middle of the night, leaving only a small note and a few items. Sorin immediately skipped town as well, exploring the world and finding various resources and homes to stay in. It wouldn't be long before Sorin would finally find LunA Academia, and become a student there.
During his year at the academy he has recieved letters from his brothers and sisters, including his younger brother who he shielded from the flames years ago. 
Bullet; Blue [ S K I L L S ] 
+ Knows how to create weapons (Ex Blacksmith for you.) 
+Strength (nothing superhuman, just strong.)
+ GREAT gardener

Bullet; Blue [ O T H E R ] (optional but preferred )
+Sorin is afraid of fire. While he won't act out it will make him very nervous. 
+There is a large gap between his two front teeth. 
+ He speaks with a stutter.
+PERSONAL HEADCANON that magical flame burns worse and hurts more than normal flame, which is why Sorin's burn scars are still there. 
+Sorin's not a very good reader. When I say book smarts, most of these things were taught to him orally by his father or even his ex-blacksmith master. His reading is improving, though. 
:new:  [R E L A T I O N S H I P S ]
:bulletblue: Primavera  is currently Sorin's girlfriend. Although he's had crushes in the past, he's never had a girlfriend before due to being extremely shy, but Prima balanced that out with being extremely forward. Prima dreams of fairy tale endings and being with a prince charming, and Sorin can provide just that. 
:bulletblue: Nari is Sorin's 'derp buddy.' They have a great deal in common due to being confused by trivial things involved in everyday life. Sorin has been Nari's good friend for a long time, and he'll always jump to her defense. 
:bulletblue: Vincent  is Sorin's 'adopted father.' There's probably no one Sorin admires more, and around Sorin Vincent is slightly 'softer.' Occasionally Sorin slips up and calls him dad, Vincent doesn't mind. After all, he has a soft spot for the dumb ones. Sorin views him as an actual father figure.
:bulletblue: Coral is yet another person Sorin admires the most. She serves occasionally as his own personal therapist, and he trusts her more than most.  (His favorite hugs are from her//SHOT)
:bulletblue: William  is the person Sorin fears most. Seriously, William is the source of nightmares for Sorin. Sorin is convinced William murdered his family, but things may  be more complex than that. 
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